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Phuture Producer Method 101 by Phutureprimitive

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The step-by-step process I call "The Phuture Producer Method", so you can begin writing the music you love.

What you'll get:

  • Learn from over 2 decades of success in the industry as a Producer, DJ, Touring Musician & Coach.
  • Strategies for getting started so you can get to having fun & making music you love more quickly!
  • Tips & Tricks collected from years of experience that I wish I had known when I started out.
  • Video training modules you can access anytime & learn at your own pace
  • Ableton Project Files based on course lessons for reference & inspiration
  • Downloadable highlights from each module, Resource Guide & Terminology
  • Bonus - Phutureprimitive Complete Collection
  • Bonus - 2 Samples Packs

You need to know that it's entirely realistic and possible to create EDM that you love. This is how!

Week 1: The Basics

Learning from other musicians has been one of the best ways to grow my skill set as an artist. I've collected so many techniques, shortcuts and methods of creation and I can hardly wait to share them with you, so you can get to making music faster than I did.

I've been around long enough to know that I'm most fulfilled when I'm contributing to others. That's why I started coaching others how to create this INCREDIBLE thing we call MUSIC. I absolutely love what I do and I want to share it!

Making music is like creating worlds out of thin air.

In this module I'll show you:

  • A basic overview of the hardware and software you need to get started producing EDM.
  • Helpful Tips & Trick I wish I had known when I started.
  • Resources for your journey.
  • Your biggest challenges in getting started.

... and much more!

Week 2: Inspiration & The Creative Process

Other music is obvious... but where else can we find inspiration to inform our creative process? Let's find out!

In this module I'll show you:

  • Finding Inspiration in a sea of sounds, samples, and presets
  • Exercises for exploring your creative process (variations on a theme)
  • How to choose quality sounds that move you
  • Q & A (from the original live course)

... and much more!

Week 3: Turning Notes Into Ideas... Into Songs

Arrangement is one of my favorite parts of the music making process. Deciding how one idea flows into another is actually an emotional process. Find out more...

This Week I show you:

  • Arrangement of samples into rhythms, notes into melodies and chords into progressions
  • Flow, and transitions
  • Techniques and strategies for turning your ideas into songs.
  • Telling a story.
  • Q & A (from the original live course)

... and much more!

Week 4: Crafting The Perfect Mix

It doesn't matter if you're listening on headphones, studio speakers, your car or the dance floor... There is a world of difference between a mediocre sounding mix and a great sounding mix. You've taken the time to create a masterpiece... Make sure it sounds AMAZING!

  • 3 Dimensional sound
  • Crafting a solid Mix!
  • Mixing with a reference track
  • Q & A (from the original live course)
  • Bonus sound design demo

... and much more!

What People Are Saying:

What I learned from you transformed my relationship to what I thought was possible for me as a producer. It wasn’t just that I learned things like how to choose sounds, how to combine them in a way so they don’t compete and how to mix, those skills helped me make new choices during production that improved my music.


Something that took my music from sounding amateur to professional was what i learned from you about composition, structuring songs and layering instruments. A lot of what I learned form you helped me get unstuck. I learned so much about detailed production as well as finishing the damn song! I'm so grateful.

Joe Muscatello

Thank you so much. Music has been so rewarding to me... feeling like I'm living a life with meaning, and your guidance has brought a lot of fulfillment to that. Your lessons were a huge help in me putting a competent track together!

Zack Maples