A Deeper Look Into 2022

In this blog, you'll find an update as well as:

Something to do
Something to read
Something to watch
Something to listen to

My goal in doing this is to give you a deeper insight into my life and share with you things I'm excited about. I hope it serves as inspiration and connection for you.


I’ve been making new tunes and plan to release music throughout the year instead of holding onto them for an album format, starting next month.

I just finished my first 5-day water fast which has numerous health benefits; Main one being autophagy, which basically is the body's way of cleaning out damaged cells in order to regenerate newer, healthier cells. I shared a video of me eating my first bits of blueberries after 5 days with no food to IG and FB. You can watch it HERE.


Something to do:


I love and use the Wim Hof Method App.

Breathwork first thing in the morning helps to get me in touch with myself. Because it’s hyper oxygenating, it wakes up my body and fully anchors me into the present moment.


Something to read:

I just recently read the book Dune. I had never read the book despite seeing the old movie from 1984. I love reading books to get the details that films often leave out. Such an incredible tapestry of culture and technology.


Something to watch:

You probably guessed it: Dune

I watched the new adaptation last year... and I’ve seen it several times at this point. It’s become one of my favorites now. Denis Villeneuve did an incredible job with this epic story.

You can rent and watch it on YouTube, Apple TV, and Amazon for just a few dollars.


Something to listen to:

Exotic Chillout Playlist

I made this playlist and I'd love for you to check it out!

As I find new music that fits, I'll be updating the playlist so expect to see it grow and evolve.

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